About Us

What is Lock It In Nation?

Lock It In Nation was created to bring racers, fans, tracks, and promoters together to support a sport and lifestyle we all enjoy. It doesn’t matter if it has two wheels or four wheels or if you’re into bracket racing, class racing, street racing, roll racing, no prep racing, or grudge / no time racing, everyone is welcome here. The intent of Lock It In Nation is to give racers a hub for information, a voice in the sport of drag racing, a connection to others out there that can help, and a brand to represent them in the sport we all love and enjoy. If you're willing to Lock It In, this is the place for you.

 Our goal is to give the drag racing community the best apparel on the market and to use our apparel sales to be able to give back to others through our Charity Of The Month program. All of our apparel features ORIGINAL artwork done by a local artist and uses top quality shirts and hats.



We take a percentage of our total monthly apparel sales from the website and from when we go to races and donate to the Charity Of The Month that we chose for that month. So with every purchase you make, you are helping us give back.